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Breaking News: Suldaan Said Ahmed becomes the first Somali-born Finnish MP

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The political permutations that trailed the Left Alliance Party after the municipal elections in regards to who will become the Deputy Mayor has come to an end. The performance of the Left Alliance in the municipal elections got them the position of a Deputy Mayor in Helsinki.

The names of MEP Silvia Modig, MP Paavon Arhinmäki and Suldaan Said Ahmed were on the headlines for weeks and a hand full of political analysts projected Said Ahmed replacing Paavon Arhinmäki in the Parliament.

The wait is over and history has been made. It has been confirmed that MEP Silvia Modig will not return to Parliament, Paavon Arhinmäki, who opted for Helsinki’s Deputy Mayor position will be replaced by Said Ahmed, the Helsinki City Councillor. He is the first Member of Parliament with a Somali background.

Suldaan Said Ahmed, who is going to Parliament, says that his work as a Member of Parliament is a great honour and a show of trust for him. According to Said Ahmed, climate policy in particular and the prevention of exclusion are close topics for him to work for, Yle report says.

The first Somali-born MP further stated that the role models are of great importance and the glass roofs are made to be broken. I’m the first, but I’m certainly not the last.

Recall that the politicians with Somali background performed well in the last municipal elections where 11 of them were elected City Councillors and 5 Deputy Councillors. 

Said Ahmed was the Somali-born politician in Finland with the highest number of votes during the last municipal elections which triggered his emergeance as the first MP from Somalia


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eki June 30, 2021 - 9:58 pm

surely not as member of Parliament, those elections are in the future.

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