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Order a copy of Diaspora Glitz Magazine latest issue by carefully filling in the address information form below and by paying €10 to the association’s account which includes postage fee and VAT 10%.

Upon the receipt of the payment, the magazine will be posted within 3-4 days and for orders outside Finland but within Europe, payment of €20 is required which also covers VAT 10% and postage/shipment fee.

The total subscription for 4 issues within Finland is €40 and outside Finland is €80.

For more information call 0451665797 diasporaglitzmagazine@gmail.com.
Diaspora Reporters ry
FI74 5723 0220 5952 06


Toinen linja 11 00530
Helsinki, 0451484663.

Kirkonkyläntie 13, 00700
Helsinki, 0409696701.

Klaneettitie 12 00420
Helsinki, 0451959592

Place your order by filling the form below.

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