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Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez rank among the top 10 most influential celebrities in America

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In the study by digital marketing experts at Authority Hacker, celebrities were then ranked according to the average number of monthly searches they receive on Google.

The study revealed that Taylor Swift is the most influential celebrity of the year and receives more than 4.5 million dedicated Google searches each month in America.

Her popularity reflects her continuous ability to connect with fans from coast to coast, placing her firmly as the most searched-for celebrity in 49 out of 50 states, including New York, Texas, and her home state of Pennsylvania. She was also the most searched for celebrity in Tennessee, the state that helped Swift make her first mark on the world.

Swift appeared as one of the top five most searched celebrities across every state, and it was also revealed that she could earn up to $625,700 for a single sponsored post if monetized to her audience of more than 274 million followers on Instagram, highlighting just how influential she is.

Elon Musk is the second most influential celebrity in America and receives an average of 2.8 million Google searches each month across America. Musk was the second most searched celeb in 29 states, including California, Texas, and Ohio.

While Musk exclusively uses his social network, X (formerly Twitter), his reach remains undeniably vast, and if monetized, a sponsored post to his 160 million followers could net him an estimated $339,000. That’s equivalent to what the average American household spends on groceries in a little over 64 years.

LeBron James is the third most influential celebrity in America this year. He receives more than 2.7 million Google searches each month. The Lakers power forward was the most popular celebrity in one state, Mississippi, and appeared in the top five searches in 45 of all 50 states. These included Washington, New York, and his hometown of Ohio, where he was the second most searched for celebrity, after Taylor Swift.

On Instagram, a sponsored post to his audience of 158.8 million followers could net LeBron up to $410,000. That’s the same as all 19,079 attendees at a packed-out Lakers game personally giving LeBron James $20 each.

The fifth most influential celebrity in America is Selena Gomez, who receives more than 2 million Google searches each month. She also appears as a top five search for half of all states in America, which includes Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.

The actress and musician has more than 430 million followers on Instagram, which if monetized, could generate in excess of $884,000 per sponsored post. With that money, the Only Murders in the Building star could afford to buy a fresh pair of Louis Vuitton shoes and shades every day for an entire year, with change left over.

The sixth most influential celebrity in America is Inter Miami’s soccer superstar Leo Messi and the seventh is reality TV star Kim Kardashian, garnering 2 million and 1.98 million Google searches, respectively.

Ariana Grande is the eighth most influential celebrity in America, receiving 1.73 million Google searches each month. Justin Bieber is the ninth most influential celebrity, receiving 1.65 million searches on Google each month.

Billie Eilish rounds off the ten most influential celebrities in America with more than 1.62 million searches.

This study reveals that the most Googled celebrities of the year are predominantly musicians. The top five searches in each state are held by only 17 celebrities combined, of which 12 are musicians, two are athletes, and the list also features an entrepreneur, a reality star, and a singer/actress.

Rank Celebrity Average monthlyGoogle searches
1. Taylor Swift 4,596,158
2. Elon Musk 2,818,100
3. Lebron James 2,782,268
4. Rihanna 2,438,911
5. Selena Gomez 2,042,632
6. Leo Messi 2,029,113
7. Kim Kardashian 1,986,785
8. Ariana Grande 1,735,893
9. Justin Bieber 1,653,132
10. Billie Eilish 1,628,522


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