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The ill-treatment of local artists whenever a foreign artist is invited to Finland- Sofy Kap

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The Queen of Afrobeat in Finland, Sofy Kap was one of the local artists who spiced up the Diamond Platnumz show on Saturday, July 9. In this short interview, the Leo crooner narrated her experience at the show and why local artists should be respected whenever a foreign artist is invited.


Without mincing words, I was ill-treated at the Diamond Platnumz event which took place on Saturday, July 9 at Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki. The ugly scenario was my worst outing since I have been performing as an artist. I was there with my crew (dancers & cameraman), we weren’t welcomed as we were supposed to, we were treated as nobody. They never gave us information about what is going on. We were like nothing to the guy who owns the show. We were completely left in the dark. During the sound check, my DJ was told that they don’t have the equipment that we needed. They alluded that what they have is only for Diamond. I felt stupid in front of them. The owner of the show was not talking nicely.

We were at the backstage, and all of a sudden, a guy came and asked us to leave the backstage immediately that it’s only reserved for Diamond Platnumz. I talked back to the guy, asking him why he is throwing us out, is it because Diamond has more money and more famous than me? As soon as we were thrown out of the backstage, they brought drinks and other things for Diamond.

We had to sit in an open space, those passing were looking at us like “what are you guys doing here”. I asked for a VIP table which is the normal thing for a guest artist in any show but nothing was offered. I was told that “It has been taken” Nobody came to ask us if we need food or water. I even begged for water to drink. The treatment was disdainful and humiliating. I wanted to leave the place immediately because of the humiliation but for my sister and others who pleaded with me, I had to stay back and do what I could on the stage.

Yesterday, the owner of the show made a post where he thanked Diamond Platnumz and others. He never mentioned the names of the local artists. He only addressed us as warm-up artists; this again is disrespectful, to say the least. Sincerely, I felt used and I hope this won’t happen again. My colleague, who is also a guest artist feels the same way.


Every artist would love to meet a fellow artist most especially when they are performing in the same show.  I wanted to meet him and have some discussion, at least to get some motivation because he is far ahead of me but it was not possible. I had to beg before I was allowed to take a photo with him.


The reason why I have to voice out my anger is that oftentimes, local artists are always on the losing side whenever a foreign artist is invited to Finland. We are not well treated, our value is downplayed and show organizers/event planners take us for granted. Show organisers use us to promote their shows and we don’t get appreciated.


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Phone lookup directory November 3, 2023 - 4:07 pm

Your commitment and enthusiasm shine through in each paragraph, inspiring readers repeatedly.


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