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Uproar over Kim Kardashian’s ‘inappropriate’ dress to the Vatican

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Kim Kardashian’s choice of outfit didn’t seem to sit well with some of her adoring Instagram fans who branded her attire “inappropriate” for a visit to the Vatican in Rome.

Daily Star reported that the 40-year-old TV starlet also caused quite a stir as she shared snaps taken from inside the famous church, where camera usage is normally forbidden to members of the public.

It is unknown if Kim was exempt from the usual rules.

In the images on her official feed, the reality star looked as though she was dressed to say “I do”.

She wore a stunning lace frock that was skintight and boasted cut out detailing at the front and back.

The garment was also strapless, allowing Kim to showcase her bare shoulders.

Kim’s see-through dress was branded as “inappropriate” by Catholic fans (Image: @kimkardashian

In one cosy snap, Kim was joined by supermodel Kate Moss as the pair smouldered for a selfie within the religious building.

Kanye West’s ex did seem to cover up on the tour and was shown sporting an oversized leather jacket in some of the pictures.

However, her dress wasn’t to everyone’s taste as fans shared their feedback beneath the post.

One person exclaimed: “Went to the Vatican in a see-through dress?”

Another penned: “The most inappropriate dress worn to go to church let alone to visit the Vatican.”

While a third said: “I love you Kim but this is so inappropriate. I know your brand is wearing the least amount of fabric but for us Catholics this is a sacred place.

“The fact that you could care less is beyond me.”

Others were more outraged that pictures were taken inside the Vatican.

“How is it possible that you are able to take a picture in the chapel… while the rest of us can’t?

“This is a bit disrespectful and more like a privilege to me. It also looks like a flash was used which is also a no, no. Just saying,” pointed out one.

Another chimed: “I hope the guards shouted at them too for taking this.”

A third sarcastically added: “Thanks for respecting Catholics and honouring the faith.”

While a forth fumed: “Sitting on the altar. That’s so sick, the church has been so degraded.”

Appearing to anticipate the outrage, Kim wrote in the caption: “Don’t worry, I adhered to the dress code and fully covered up while inside St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel’s.”

Usually, photos and videos are banned inside the Sistine Chapel in a rule which is believed to stem back to the restoration of the artwork inside, and who had the rights to share images of it.

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