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A foreigner who owns a beauty salon in Helsinki is suspected of human trafficking

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The Helsinki police is about to complete the investigation of a suspected human trafficking crime that took place at a beauty company.

As a whole, the crimes are human trafficking, discrimination at work in the form of discrimination and tax evasion. The police’s regional labor-based human trafficking group has investigated suspected crimes that occurred during the past year.

A foreign entrepreneur in the beauty industry is suspected of luring workers from his home country to Finland by promising them jobs from his company with a monthly salary of 1,900 euros.

The owners have arrived in the country with tourist visas, and they are suspected of having started working illegally at the company’s offices. The employees are suspected to have worked at the company from a couple of months to just under a year.

However, the owners have not received a monthly salary for working all day, but they have only been paid for completed customer visits. The cash wages paid have been about 30 percent of the amount paid by the customer.

The police suspect that value added tax has also been deducted from the amount, so the salary received by the concerned owners has been even lower.

– The police suspect that the entrepreneur has promised to pay the salary for the work done later, when the people concerned would have received work permits, but by the start of the preliminary investigation, the salaries had not been paid, the head of the investigation, crime commissioner Nils Majewski says in a police release.

In the preliminary investigation, the police found out that the employees first lived in the same apartment with their employer and later in an apartment rented by him. Only mattresses on the floor have been available to the workers there.

The owners have paid about 250 euros per person per month for their housing. The entrepreneur withheld the rents from the tax-free wages received by the employees.

In addition, the police suspect that the cash paid by the customers has not been returned to the company, but that the customer visits have been deleted from the company’s cash system after the customer left.

– The police suspect that the entrepreneur suspected of crimes would have taken the money left over after the compensation he paid to the employees for his own use, with the exception of small purchases, says Majewski.

One person has been arrested as a suspect in the crime. The assets of both the person suspected of the crime and the company have been seized as collateral during the preliminary investigation.

According to the police, the crime complex will probably be considered for prosecution in February 2023.


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